I think in general, people who work in tech, people who are engineers, are weird people. We are the people that are on the autism spectrum, we’re the people that struggle with anxiety and depression. So I feel like when I go to work, I’m working with people who, on some level, even if you don’t talk about it, they get it. They get when you’re having a hard time, they get whatever. Which is very different than I feel like working in some other sectors, because again, the people who developed good computer skills and learned how to talk and work with machines, are the people who didn’t have good people skills growing up [chuckles]. So they were the weirdos, with anxiety and depression, who didn’t want to go out and socialize and hang out at parties. They’re the people who just go home, and cuddle on the couch and watch TV every night. So I feel like tech has been a good place for me as someone who struggles with anxiety and depression.

Source: Techies


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